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We remember the date

Forever etched in our mind

The sites and sounds

Images played on the T.V,

The loss and pain

As we saw

Lives go down

With those towers

When they crumbled

Like a house

Of cards.

We heard the tears

Of loved ones

Waiting to hear

And the pain of heroes

Risking it all

For a glimmer of hope.

We heard stories

Of men carrying the

Disabled to safety

And going back to save more.

And we saw men

Jump in desperation

Not wanting to be crushed

By the weight of 110 stories.

We watched as


C.C.O Image from Pixabay

We put them
On a pedestal
Expecting them
Not to fall
But the wind shifts
And their imperfections show
And like a house of cards
They often fall.

We place them
In a box
Of impossible standards
After all
They are supposed to
Be role models
But the second they
Make a mistake
The slightest misstep
We turn on them
Like an enemy.

We criticize their
Every move
Quick to judge them
For what they eat,
Or do
Stripping away
Every privacy,
After all they
Signed up for this
Didn’t they?

But again and again
We’ve seen so many

Glory in the Margins

Sunday Poems

by Nikki Grimes

Pub Date 28 Sep 2021

Paraclete Press, Iron Pen

Christian | Poetry | Religion & Spirituality

I am reviewing a copy of Glory in the Margins through Paraclete Press, Iron Pen and Netgalley:

If you study the scripture you learn Jesus spent a lot of time with people in the margins. As an African American, Nikki Grimes lives in the margins, and she can tell you that it’s a place most of us would rather not be. …

Yours Is the Night

by Amanda Dykes

Pub Date 03 Aug 2021

Bethany House, Bethany House Publishers

Christian | Historical Fiction | Romance

I am reviewing a copy of Yours Is the Night through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:

I am reviewing a copy of Yours Is the Night through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:

There are shadows in the trenches of the Great War. Platoon Sergeant Matthew Petticrew arrived there with a shadowed past himself, but the reality of battles bring new wounds carving within him a longing for light, and a resolve to fight for it.

One night…

Alias Anna

A True Story of Outwitting the Nazis

by Susan Hood; Greg Dawson

Pub Date 22 Mar 2022

HarperCollins Children’s Books, HarperCollins

Children’s Nonfiction | History | Poetry

I am reviewing a copy of Alias Anna through HarperCollins Children’s Books and Netgalley:

Written in free verse format Alias Anna is a powerful story about survival against all odds.

Alias Anna is the moving story of how young Ukrainian Jewish piano prodigies Zhanna (alias “Anna”) and her sister Frina outplayed their pursuers while hiding in plain sight during the Holocaus.

She would no longer be Zhanna she’d use an Alias…

These Toxic Things

A Thriller

by Rachel Howzell Hall

Pub Date 01 Sep 2021 |

Thomas & Mercer, Thomas & Mercer

General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers

I am reviewing a copy of These Toxic Things through Thomas &Mercer and Netgalley:

*Not meant for younger readers, but definitely an enjoyable suspenseful read.

The trinkets belonging to a dead woman soon become pieces to a terrifying puzzle.

Mickie Lambert creates digital scrapbooks for her clients, in order to ensure her clients souvenirs are never forgotten or lost. After her latest client Nadia Denham, a curio shop owner, dies from an…

The Swallows’ Flight

by Hilary McKay

Pub Date 19 Oct 2021

Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing, Margaret K. McElderry Books

Children’s Fiction

I am reviewing a copy of The Swallow’s Flight through Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing, Margaret K. McElderry Books and Netgalley:

Ruby who is in England Ruby has no friends because of the speckled blotches on her face that kids say look like dirt. And Kate is sickly all the time, her older siblings each taking turns looking after her. When Ruby and Kate first meet it’s nearly disastrous, but it isn’t long before the two lonely girls…

Michelle Renee Kidwell

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge in the light: Helen Keller http://www.facebook.com/fansofMichellerkidwell

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