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Michelle Renee Kidwell
4 min readJun 30, 2022

After four and a half years on Medium, I thought now would be a good time, to write a bit about myself. First and foremost, I’m a Child of God, I grew up in the Mormon Church, and started going to a Pentecostal Church at eighteen, but the Church I attend now is truly the Church I feel I belong to is an ECO Presbytertian Church which simply stands for A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. ECO is not an acronym but is part of the denomination’s full name according to the denomination. The name represents ECO’s three-fold commitment to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Evangelical), connect leaders through accountable relationships and encourage collaboration (Covenant), and commit to a shared way of life together (Order). The name “ECO” also speaks to the commitment to “strengthen the ‘ecosystems’ of local churches” by providing the environment and resources to produce healthy churches. (Wikipedia).

The Eco Branch of the Presbyterian Church is newer, and was not officialoy launched until January.2012, the Church I attend is a congregation thats well over one hundred and fifty years old.

But this isn’t really supposed to be about the Church I attend, but more about me, still Church is a large part of my life, I volunteer in the Children’s ministry twice a month, if not more, I also volunteer at Nancy’s Hope satellite pantry. And I am a Deacon, am I perfect? No, far from it, but I do serve a perfect Father.

My love for words came at a very young age, I was three when my Nonna taught me to read, and I’ve ha d a love affair with books, but I was in High-School, when I truly started writing above and beyond the class assignments you are assigned, I began writing short stories, and eventually poetry, a teacher I had in High-School. Words were an escape at an awkward time in my life, but I guess the teenage years are awkward for everyone.

I have fur kids, but no actual kids of my own, but I have a niece I helped to raise, she’s truly my pride and joy and shes the Mother to a beautiful three year old.

When I was in Elementary School I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and in College I was told I had Dyscalcula…

Michelle Renee Kidwell

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge in the light: Helen Keller http://www.facebook.com/fansofMichellerkidwell