And Still We Couldn’t Hear You

Michelle Renee Kidwell
2 min readApr 3, 2022

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You spoke so loudly

In that stoic silence

And Still we did not hear you

Somewhere between boy

And man

I barely knew you

You were a friends boyfriend

An amazing artist

But I didn’t see

That inward pain.

We shared our faith

Our life and dreams

We built memories

But always it seemed

You were somewhere in

The shadows

Not quite boy

Never a man.

I wasn’t yet twenty one

When I learned you had

Killed yourself

I don’t remember the details

But the pain leaves an imprint

The what could I have done’s

How could I have helped?

But living in what if’s

Doesn’t change the what is

And a brilliant mind

Was taken to soon.

I remember the pain

In my friends voice

As she called me with the news

Just months earlier

We learned of the brutal murder

Of our family friends

A different kind of pain

But a pain

Just the same.

Answers left unanswered

After all these years

And hearts left unrepaired

As strong as we are.

But my friend

She had that quiet

Kind of courage

That quite literally saved me

And I began telling her my


And even in her pain

She encouraged me.

© Michelle R Kidwell


12:24 A.M P.S.T

Sadly just a couple of years after Highscool, I learned just how broken he was, when my friend wrote me to tell me he had committed suicide. Hw could no longer deal with his demons!

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