August-Highest Earning Month to Date

Michelle Renee Kidwell
2 min readSep 8
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Here we go with another earnings article, but this is really a thank you and a congrats to myself. It took me five years and a half to get to $137.34. Despite not receiving August’s payment yet, I’m still happy with the outcome.

Not surprisingly, my most successful stories were those I was most passionate about.

I have a passion for writing, like so many hear, but I see it more as a calling, something I couldn’t imagine not doing, and as a writer, I am compelled to write about people with disabilities and challenges, whether it is in fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.

It has been months since I made a few cents, so my main goal here has never been to focus on the financial aspects of writing, even though I am grateful for those. Rather than focusing on the financial aspects of writing, I am more concerned about the story and my potential readers, and I am glad that this change has had its benefits because I’ve seen many changes over the years and not all of them have been beneficial.

One of my top earning stories speaks a little about why I write what I write, and is linked below.

In the second article, we discuss Creating a Disabled Character, which is actually a revised version of an older story, which can be found below.

My third highest earner, The Stories We Tell, discusses what inspires us to write.

Michelle Renee Kidwell

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