Book Review: God Hears Her for Girls

Michelle Renee Kidwell
2 min readSep 9, 2021

God Hears Her for Girls

90 Faith-Building Devotions

by Our Daily Bread

Pub Date 07 Sep 2021

Our Daily Bread Publishing

Children’s Nonfiction | Christian

I am reviewing a copy of God Hears Her For Girls through our Daily Bread Publishing and Netgalley:

God Hears Her For Girls is a devotional crafted for girls between the ages of eight and twelve.

This devotional reminds young readers that just how we talk about our personality with others, our Creator has some very important things to share about your identity as well, such as we are royal, daughters of king of the universe, we are beloved

In this devotional the young reader is reminded the importance of not storing up our treasures on earth, where they can be destroyed instead we need to store them in Heaven.

The reader is reminded too of the importance of not giving up when God sets us on a path.

The book goes on to remind the reader too that just as our bodies have many parts, so does the body of Christ. The reader is reminded too that God’s love is a free gift. The importance of acting in faith rather than fear is also highlighted in this devotional.

The 90 devotionals in this book will help the girl in your life grow in her relationship with God while tackling everyday challenges like confidence, bravery, and grace. Watch as she blooms while she hears from God and learns He longs to hear from her too!

I give God Hears Her For Girls five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!



Michelle Renee Kidwell

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