Dance Like No One’s Watching Part Two

Michelle Renee Kidwell
2 min readMay 28, 2021

The Summer she was sixteen Aerial no longer felt so bogged down by the need to fit in with those who did not accept her for who she was. She found solace in dance, Miguel was the only one that mattered that summer and to him it did not matter how many times she tripped up, or how awkwardly she walked, he didn’t care how many times she tripped and fail as long as she got up again.

Aerial had never felt this way before, the way Miguel made her feel. Her arms became all sweaty and her tongue became more tied than usual making it sound as if she had swallowed cotton balls. But Miguel was never scared away, if anything, he was blind to her imperfections. But they haunted her the way her classmates cruelty often did.

“You can’t dance, you can’t even walk or talk right.” Some of the mean girls would tease, not knowing how hard she had fought to get where she was at now.

She wasn’t always this way, but how could they know that. A horrible accident had damaged her spine, a head injury had taken her speech. No one thought she would make it let alone walk or talk again, but where the world sees impossibilities, God sees hope. She knew that, just as she knew her Mothers prayers had been answered. She was a fierce advocate for Aerial, but now she was sixteen, it was time for her to find her voice.

“Don’t let others people ignorance get to you, there lack of understanding does not define who you are.” Miguel told her, as they talked. He understood her hard to understand speech in a way no one other than her Mother understood.

She had learned to carry a small notebook down to get her message across, like dancing writing had become a lifeline. She couldn’t help but think about how the words danced across the page, when they fit just right, the way a dancer danced across the stage.

To be Continued In Part Three..



Michelle Renee Kidwell

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