For Better Or Worse

The night was beautiful, crystal stars, crystal stars blinking in the sky, like blinking Christmas lights in December. The air was perfect, and filled with love. We danced under a full moon, the sounds of night our orchestra.

We were young and a little naïve, believing we were indivincisble or immortal, that we could never die. We believed bad things happened to others not us, newly weds at nineteen. We were far to young for tragedy to strike we believed.

Romance filled our hearts and mind. He read me love poems, and fed me romantic dinners under candlelight. I wrote him letters filled with love and passion, told him how I loved him from the first moment we met.

Our lives were perfect, until one day, they were turned upside down. Justin had been sick with a nasty cold, so I told him I would go to the drug store, and pick up some cough syrup. He thanked me, and made me promise to drive carefully. I walked out the door, telling Justin I loved him.

I woke up days later in the hospital. Justin standing over me, crying when he saw my eyes opened,, telling me he loved me and he was sorry. He had no reason to apologize though, it wasn’t his fault.

Strangely, I felt no pain, then it hit me, something was wrong, very wrong. I was paralyzed.

“ Justin what happened? “ I asked, not sure if I was ready for the answer, but knowing I had to know.

“ A drunk driver slammed into your car. “ Was all he could say.

Justin grabbed my motionless hand, and kissed it, and I cried because I was unable to feel his gentle kiss. Had I known how quickly my life could change I would have tried to memorize the feel of his kisses upon my hand, or how it felt to dance in his arms, I would have tried to memorize what it felt to stand upright on solid ground, and how it felt to give and receive hugs.

“ You don’t have to stay, I will understand if you want out. “ I said to Justin, trying to choke back the tears that were filling my voice.

“ Remember our vows Emilia, how we promised to love each other for better or worse, in sickness and in health? Well I intend to keep those vows, because I love you with my heart and soul. “

“ We never expected this though Justin, we expected to live our lives fully, and have a family, now I doubt that will ever happen. “

“ God must have a greater plan for us. “

I let out a sarcastic laugh, at his last comment. I wasn’t too happy with God at that moment, my illusion of the fairy tale life had been ruined. Reality had came and gave me a slap on the face.

“ Emilia even now God is with you, you need to remember that. “

“ How would you feel if it were you Justin? “

“ I wish it could be me instead of you sweetheart, I would take your place in a minute if I could. “

I grew quiet again, not knowing what to say. And knowing I would rather it be me than him. I would never wish that kind of pain on Justin, I loved him to much for that.

“ Justin, I’m sorry I would never wish this on you. I’m just so confused, so angry so hurt. “

“ You don’t need to apologize sweetheart, I know you’re hurting. “

“ Justin I love you so much, I’m so blessed to have you for a husband. I don’t think I would be able to go through this without you, by my side Justin. “

‘ You are the one who’s a blessing to me Emilia. “

He held my hand, and told me over and over again he loved me. I tried to remember but his large but gentle hands. No matter how hard I tried though, I wasn’t able to feel his hand holding mine. If I started crying I wouldn’t be able to stop. I wouldn’t be able to wipe my tears either.

“ It’s okay to cry Emilia I’m here for you. “

“ Thank you Justin, I need you now more than ever. “

“ I’m here for you Emilia, for better or worse, but more importantly God is here for you. “

“ I know Justin thank you, and I love you. “

© Michelle R Kidwell


An older story, I find it interesting to go back and mark my growth as an author!