In An Instant Part Three

Michelle Renee Kidwell
4 min readMay 31, 2022

A physical therapist walks into your room, smiling encouraging you. She’s neither young nor old, but you can see right away she has a good heart. She has a passion for what she’s doing and in that moments she’s going to focus that passion on getting you back to your passion, teaching, the kids you work with. You miss each one of them, shy Aimee, David who never seems to stop talking, Alyssa who has just started to open up to find her voice. Some of the children you teach come from troubled backgrounds they have been through far more in their twelve or thirteen years.

And how they have something else to deal with, the trauma of a man-child walking into their classroom and upending lives. You protected them from death, but you could not protect them from the trauma.

You look around the room for the moment, Andrea and Chloe were sent out of there room so the session could begin, you are kind of relieved7. , because as silly as it sounds you’d rather them not see you like this. Physical therapy reminds you of how weak you are, but slowly you are regaining strength, much to slowly for your taste.

It’s going to take time, you know that, and somethings may never come back, but you are alive, despite everything you never wished you had died. You know the Lord must have had a plan for your life. You are grateful to be alive, you know things could have been so much worse.

But it’s hard not to be discouraged sometimes to get frustrated when you struggle to do the things you used to take for granted. You become angry, angry at what happened.

What went wrong that day, how did he get inside your classroom with weapons? What failed? And how many times were people going to be hurt, until something was done?

You love teaching, your kids, but you know too it’s no longer safe, you are no longer safe, nor are your students, and it’s been that way for far to long.

You remember Columbine, you were in sixth grade, and you watched in horror as those images played in your head, but things had to change right?

Shootings have become to common in society, kids need to be safe in school, and teachers, principals, no one should be targeted simply because they are working towards giving children an education and children shouldn’t…

Michelle Renee Kidwell

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge in the light: Helen Keller