C.C.O image From Pixabay

It didn’t take much

For the unbendable

To bend and break’

Just a dose of hate

And in an instant

Our nation changed

But not only our nation

The world.

Those planes forever

Etched in our mind

Images frozen in time

As we close our eyes

And see innocent lives

Jumping to their deaths

The fury of the fire

Just too much to bare.

Heroes were born that


And far to many died

It was a lesson in hate

And love

At the same time

And those images


Etched in our mind.

First responders

Risking their lives

But not only that


Digging under

The rubble

After those towers

Came down

Like a house of


Only slightly jarred

Thousands of lives

Died under the rubble

The weight of the world

Was on their shoulders.

It was a lesson in hate

As we saw lives destroyed

And a lesson in love

As a nation became united

Once again

Even if only for a time

But everything changed that


The innocent image

Of America destroyed.

In the time it took

For a plane to crash into those


© Michelle R Kidwell


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