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3 min readOct 19, 2020


Let’s Not Be A Stumbling Block

The first thing we need to do in Church these days is to discover that God’s work must be done by God’s people in God’s Way.

Vance Havner

We are often to quick to forget that we are all Children of God, it is important that we don’t hinder others from serving Christ in a way. We need to remember that everyone has unique gifts that they have to offer, and if we tell someone that they can’t serve Christ because they aren’t educated enough, they are to young, or that they are of the wrong denomination.

Jesus was out to serve others, at a time when servants were looked down upon, but he showed others that when they humbled themselves they would be rewarded. But there are times we hinder others by letting them not serve, by telling them no they are not educated enough, old enough, or they are of the wrong denomination. We are reminded too that even the smallest things done in Christ’s name matter. So why is it that sometimes we do things to hinder others from serving Christ, or tell them what they are doing doesn’t matter.

It is easy to get so wrapped up in thinking that things have to be one way and one way only, thinking that one denomination matters more than another, or for churches to not offer places for those who are willing to help out in one way or another, they are so convinced that someone who does not have years of seminary, or someone who is to young has no place in the ministry, but that is so far from the truth. We need to open doors for others not slam them in their face.

If a non believer sees a church either bad mounting another denomination, or putting up stumbling blocks so it seems they don’t want to help others grow in Christ, instead of drawing others to us, letting non believers show that we. love as Christ loved, we are showing them that denominations and politics seemingly hold more meaning than truly living for Christ.

That is not to say we are not allowed differing opinions, because that is not it at all, we are allowed to have our own ideas in politics and in other areas, but. as Christians name calling, and cutting down others for what they believe is not something we should do. We need to give everyone an equal opportunity to speak, to say what they are feeling, without resorting to name calling, that is not something that Christ would approve.

We are reminded that as Christians, we are going to show Christ to the world, so we need to be mindful of what we are truly are showing. We need to let ourselves be a light, not to eclipse that light, we need to show others that we can be kind, and tolerant while still living as Christ would have us live. That does not mean we have to agree with everything we see in the world, what it does mean is that we shouldn’t be so quick to cast those stones?

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