Like Letters Written in the Sand Part Forty Six

Michelle Renee Kidwell
5 min readNov 29, 2023
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“Some days are harder than others.” Anna-leis sighed. “I’m reminded of my limitations and sometimes that’s humiliating.” Clarence could see the tears in her eyes, the frustration in her face.

Sweetheart, it’s alright. There’s no shame in having bad days, and there’s certainly no shame in grieving.” Clarence hugged Anna-leis. “Your grief is a sign that you are healing, you are not burying your feelings.”

“I nearly fell apart at the supermarket.” Anna-leis sobbed. “There was something the girls wanted that I couldn’t reach, how can something so small cause such turmoil”

“Sweetheart, it’s all been festering for a while, but now it’s coming to the surface.”

Anna-leis nodded, but she was shaking from sobbing so hard. She was finally able to let out all the grief she had been holding back.

“I want to be strong, but I don’t feel so strong right now.”

“Grief isn’t weak, it’s just that it means you’re mourning.”

I thought I had come to terms with everything.”

“It’s okay to lean on me when you feel like you’re falling, sweetheart.” Clarence said as he held Annaleis tight.

Nodding, she was unable to speak. It was something as simple as not being able to reach a toy for her daughters that set her off. They had been sensitive to Anna-leis’ sadness.

“Mommy it’s okay.” Sasha said. “We can choose another toy. Don’t be sad about it.”

It was all she could do to keep herself from breaking down in the middle of the toy aisle as Anna-leis looked at her daughters. However, this wasn’t her usual calm and composed self. He’d gone to the men’s section to find a new shirt for work when Clarence came to her rescue.

“I’m so sorry, Clarence.” Anna-leis sobbed.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but you have nothing to apologize for.” Clarence said again, as he always did with Anna-leis. His heart broke when he saw the pain in his eyes.

She looked down, then at Clarence. “Sometimes I am reminded of just how hard this is.”

“I know, sweetheart, but you can do difficult things.”



Michelle Renee Kidwell

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge in the light: Helen Keller