Memorable Books I Read in March of 2022 (1–5)

Michelle Renee Kidwell
3 min readApr 12, 2022

March, as is the case with many months, I found myself reading a lot, it goes along with reviewing, and of course in order to be good writer, you must read, so here are some of my favorite books I read in March, keep in mind, not all are available yet.

I’d like to start off with Children’s Fiction, with The Golden Ticket by Jate Egan tells the story of Ash Mcnully is an eleven year old, one of the gifted talented students at her school who spends most of her day in a special class with a few other advanced students.

But Ash has a secret, she’s not as smart as everyone thinks she is…

A great Middle grade book that reminds readers that our secrets have a way of catching up with us.

  • This book will be available in June

My review can be found here…

In the poetry genre my pick for the month would be The Vital Function of Constant Narrative by Marly’s West, the poems in this book expose reality in all of its multicolored arrays, weaving together adulthood and childhood, hospital and home, birds and flowers, blood and bones.

You can find my review for this one here…

and it releases on April.30, definitely one worth reading.

The next remarkable read was Somewhere Different Now by Donna Peizer, a young adult, hist novel, this book takes place in the 1950’s where the consequences of racism, threaten to destroy a hard-won inter-racial friendship between two energetic, quick-witted teens, who struggle to come to grips with their differences.

Michelle Renee Kidwell

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