My Most Meaningful Pieces, July 2022

Michelle Renee Kidwell
3 min readAug 11, 2022

Ten of the pieces I’m most passionart about, Published on Medium, July. 2022

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I wrote about my earning pieces for July of 2022 a couple of days ago, but now I’d like to share with you the ten pieces, I’m most passionate about, i published in July of pf 2022. Let me clarify that in July I published 76 pieces, ranging from articles, poetr, fict and book reviews…

1:) Unedited, a poem dea with the loss of my Aunt, I published this one on July.11, it comes from a personal place of grief…

2:) Like Letters Written in the Sand, the first part of a serial love story, this one was published on July.20.2022.

3:) The Gift of Compassion, published July.19.2022, in which I talk about all my friend endured, may she rest in peace.

4:) July: Dissbility Pride Month, most know that June is Pride month, but were you aware July is Disability Pride Month. I was taken aback by how few were aware of this.

5:) On July.13, I published Bringing Disabled Characters to Life on the page, Hint as a general rule don’t let the disability be the center of the plot, of couse there are exceptions to every rule.

Michelle Renee Kidwell

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