Septembers’ Successes…Highest Earners

Michelle Renee Kidwell
4 min readOct 1, 2022

Top Ten Articles in Terms of Earnings…

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With the close of September, comes a break down of my highest Earning Articles:

In September I published 72 articles, stories and poems, some did well, and some not so much, but it’s been my experience that articles can pick up traction in time, so I don’t really consider them failures.

1:) My Top Earner for September was Where Were You? The Moments that Define Us…

How do historical moments that we live through such as September.11 help shape our character?

This one Earned $3.00 for September

2:) I actually posted When the Waters Rising..And Your Drowning my second highest earner in June, June 8th to be exact after a sermon our Pastor preached inspired this one, a story on how God can use the resources of the world to help someone when they feel like they are drowning…

This one earned $2.53 for September and a total of $3.29

3:) My third highest earner was August…My Highest Earning Month…A breakdown of my highest earning month at the time, I surpassed those earnings in September though.

I published August…My Highest Earning Month on September.01, and it earned $1.99

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