Shadows that Lurk in the Light: Chapter Twenty Eight

Michelle Renee Kidwell
5 min readNov 21, 2023
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Chapter Twenty Eight:

Upon picking up the phone, Deliah went silent and turned pale, unable to speak after hearing whatever the person on the other end was saying. The expression, the pain suggested either he had escaped, or they had found something related to our parents. Taking the phone from my sister’s hands, I put it up to my ear.

“What’s going on?” I asked, trying to figure out what had caused my sister to go so pale.

“There was a search of Ken’s property.” A robotic voice said. “They may have found some of the victims, even your parents.”

I was left speechless. They had found human remains, but I couldn’t bear to think that could be our parents. Wheeling myself beside Deliah, I tried to comfort her but couldn’t figure out how.

“Deliah, we don’t know anything for sure yet.” Something deep within told me the answers, they were gone and I had wasted years being mad at them.

“There’s something in me that tells me they’re somewhere on that property.” Deliah sighed.

My only response was to nod, since I felt the same way. I had hoped they would have reached out to Deliah and I if they were still out there, but everything seemed so strange the last night we saw them.

The day had started out so normally, I had taken Deliah home after spending time with her on Saturday, something we often did, such as going to a movie, or shopping, or going to lunch. As we called Saturdays, they were our sister day, and no matter how busy our schedules got, we always made time for them. On that night, mom and dad seemed happy, and everything seemed normal, but the following day we found the letter, and they were gone. We hadn’t thought about the possibility that they could have been forced to write the note. As a result, it was a scenario I often thought about now.

Deliah had never been so upset that she could barely function, but the past few months had taken their toll on her. She was struggling, we were all struggling, but I was starting to worry that she had overdone it. It was likely the emotional toll from learning that our parents’ bodies were likely on Ken’s property, human remains, likely gone by now. The disappearance of our parents was…



Michelle Renee Kidwell

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