Shadows that Lurk in the Light: Chapter Twenty One:

Michelle Renee Kidwell
5 min readNov 6, 2023
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Chapter Twenty One:

On warm clear mornings, my sister and I would sit on the front porch, enjoying the beauty of the good Lord’s creation. Despite struggling to understand why man constantly hurt one another, we couldn’t deny his hand. God’s majesty was visible in the distant mountains and hills.

“In my struggles, he reminds me of his grace every day. Even when I feel ominous shadows lurking, I know that the Lord’s presence is stronger.”

“And I’m glad he does, because this has been your most difficult challenge.”

“Our most difficult challenge.” I reminded Deliah.

My sister nodded. My sister never pretended to understand the depths of what I’d gone through, but if anyone ever did, it would be my sister, because she had been the one who came to my room, sitting by my bedside late at night, when that man haunted my dreams, thankfully the nightmares are diminishing.

Without my sister and my faith, I would have given up early on. I knew the Lord had let me survive that gunshot wound. Having Jesus by my side helped me survive.

“In spite of the bad in the world, there’s a lot of good too. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the negative that we forget to see the positive.”

“As a society, we should focus on the good, not the bad. There are good people in the world, not everyone is out to hurt you.”

Deliah’s support and wisdom made me grateful. I knew at times I would have given up without my sister, she reminded me daily that while there was evil in the world, good existed too. We could see this in the sunrises and sunsets, but also in the people we encountered. People who helped brighten the world. My sister was one of the people who brightened the world.

I couldn’t help but smile at my sister, a smile of thanks and gratitude. Deliah had done so much for me, but not only for me; she always had a giving heart. She knew that salvation isn’t bought with works, but when we have faith, we will give.

“Delilah, I know this isn’t a battle I would want to face alone. Despite my reluctance to admit it, I needed you, and you stepped up above and beyond what was needed while understanding that I needed…



Michelle Renee Kidwell

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge in the light: Helen Keller