Shadows that Lurk in the Light: Chapter Twenty Two:

Michelle Renee Kidwell
5 min readNov 7, 2023
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Chapter Twenty Two:

I often dreamed that I was walking, running, and doing the things I had done without thinking, before I was shot. Inevitably, I would wake up to reality. With the memories of what I had lost haunting my dreams, it would be easy to give up, but thanks to the Lord I was able to persevere.

There were mornings when it was difficult for me to face reality because I would forget for a brief moment about the madman who had turned my world upside down, the man who had tried to destroy my life, but he had failed because the Lord had other plans for me. I did not find it easy, far from it, but even as I struggled, I would remember that God is faithful, that his love has far greater power than the evil thrust into my life. Even though I was paralyzed in body, I was not paralyzed in spirit.

There was a time when I felt as if my faith had stagnated because I was not always the best at expressing my gratitude to the Lord. Recently, however, I have been experiencing a sense of fire in my spirit. As the Lord had put a fire in my heart, I wanted to go deeper to stop treading spiritual waters.

I almost lost my faith, I nearly gave up, which is exactly what he wanted, but you took something evil and taught me what is good. Despite the fact that my legs are paralyzed, I know that my spirit is free.

The man who tried so hard to make my life miserable was learning that I would no longer make it easy for him. My life would not be defined by what he had done to me. He had taken enough, I was not going to give him more.

“Are you lost in thought?” Deliah asked.

“No, I was just expressing my gratitude to the Good Lord for making something negative positive.”

“Tracey, I have noticed such a positive change in you in the past month. I am delighted to see you finding happiness and joy once more.”

“I owe it to Jesus, and to you Deliah, you remind me daily how blessed I am that it wasn’t worse, this is bad I know, but others have it far worse.”

“Tracey, you do not owe me anything. I am here to support you, because we are sisters, and sisters are meant to support each other. I have always been able to count on you.”



Michelle Renee Kidwell

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge in the light: Helen Keller