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Some Months Are Better Than Others…February 2022 Medium Partner Program

“Write what should not be forgotten.” —Isabel Allende

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I’ve been writing here for about four years and have been a part of the Medium Partner Program for most of that time, that being g said, I’ve never made a lot of money here, but I have made a lot of connections, I’ve read some amazing works by gifted individuals and to me that far out ways the Monetary aspect of it, though I’m grateful for it, and so are the Sunday School kids who I often spend the little money I earn on, why, because they are great kids who are grateful for the little things, but that’s another subject for another time.

I know compared to some the numbers aren’t impressive, and I’ve been ask why I continue to pursue writing the way I have despite little monetary pay out, but writing to me is necessary like breathing, yes it’s frustrating at times and heartbreaking but when I get that positive feedback, or even honest criticism, not hate mind you, but honest, helpful criticism I’m able to look back in retrospect and say yes they were right, and in some cases no that suggestion doesn’t work for me.

I write a lot more poetry, followed by book reviews, and fictional pieces than I do anything else, though I do write articles and essays compared to everything else, and honestly those are probably what I’m most self conscious sharing.

That being said, my highest earning piece of writing in February was who Are You (Fighting Ableism) a poem I had written on January.11


She Dreamt was my second highest earner, another poem, one I wrote back in 2018!


As well as a Book Review from back in November.


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