Sweet Like Chocolate

Michelle Renee Kidwell
5 min readSep 26, 2022

A Fictional Tale…

Chapter One, Part One…

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*I wrote this years ago, so why am I sharing it, because it’s far from my best work, simple to mark my growth as a writer.

Chapter One:

Love has a way of coming at you like a bullet train, but love, true love is such a wonderful thing. I know I am blessed to have found my love. Geoff even his name speaks to me, and I know God has a reason for bringing us together. We were meant to be together, as meant to be as milk and Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

I had my questions at first, would I really ever know what love was? Would anyone look beyond the chair, and the chip on my shoulder the size of an Arctic Glacier? When Geoff came into my life though, I discovered what love and happiness truly were, and true love did not look at what someone could not do, but it looked at a person as a whole.

I am more than grateful the Lord saw it fit to bless me with a man like Geoff. At times I feel like those storybook damsels who find their happily ever after with a prince charming who wipes them off their feet I feel the same way about Geoff my night and shinning armor. Perhaps fairy tales don’t exist but this love is real.

I love the feeling of melting in Goff’s arms, the love I feel for him is tangible, and I am grateful for that. The man that is now my husband changed my life in a very big way, and opened my eyes to see that sitting around feeling sorry for myself was not the answer. I needed to let myself feel love, and I needed to love. I am glad it was Geoff that taught me that lesson.

Geoff is the love of my life and I know that I am blessed to have found such a loving man. I could have given up after the accident, but I did not and the Lord rewarded me with the best man in the world. I really do feel this way, the Lord has blessed me and I am on cloud nine.

I am so glad that Geoff sees me for who I am, it’s like he doesn’t even see the chair, and I am glad for that. I want him to see me for me, and not to be pitied because of this chair, and believe me people do, do that. I love the fact that I…

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