The Difference Is

Michelle Renee Kidwell
3 min readApr 3, 2022

I wrote this in 2016, it was born from a writing prompt I was given in a Creative Writing group I belonged to at the time. The idea being creating a story around the lines, The Difference Is…This is the story I came up with…

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The difference is I lie for a reason. I lie to capture the bad guys, and if that takes a lie, then you better believe I am going to lie. I am going to do everything I can to help others.

“Sophie, don’t you fear you are going to lose yourself in those lies?”

It was a good question, one that I had plenty of time to think about now, since I was in the hospital, paralyzed.

“It could have been one of those lies that landed you in the hospital, Sophie, one that nearly took you from us.”

“Sonya, getting shot is the danger of being a cop.”

“Is it worth it, even now, that you are laying in hospital bed — Sonya couldn’t finish the sentence. Tears streaked her face.

“It’s okay, Sonya. I know I’m paralyzed; I’ve come to terms with that.”

“And yet you think it was all worth it?”

“Yes. A little girl was given her freedom, and justice the day I was shot. I wish things had ended differently, but I am glad the little girl knows there is justice in the world.”

The difference is I lie for a reason.

I could not allow myself to dwell on this thought. The lies were necessary. They were part of being a cop. They were part of the job.

When you go undercover, you become someone else. My cover was blown that night. Somebody had read through the lies and that had nearly gotten me killed.

But the little girl survived.

I cannot allow myself too much time to grieve. I know I am still marked. Someone wants me dead: that bullet was meant to kill, not merely wound.

The shooter is behind bars, but there are others out there. Watching. Waiting.

I will be released from the hospital soon. I know the danger is still out there, but I worry more about my family than I do myself.

I know what I signed up for when I accepted that badge. But I fear my family is in danger. And Sophie won’t leave my side for too…

Michelle Renee Kidwell

Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge in the light: Helen Keller