What We Can Learn from Bones

Michelle Renee Kidwell
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Can A Television Show Teach Us Important Life Lessons

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From 2005 to 2017, Fox Aired Bones, a television show that was definitely one of a kind, and is still popular in syndication. I know you may say crime shows are a dime of dozen, but there was something different about Temperance Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, and let me say she rocked the role. From the first episode we see that there’s something different about Dr Brennan, she’s extremely intelligent but her emotional E.Q is very low and she’s more than a little socially awkward. An interview with Creator Hart Hanson by Screen Rant would give us the answer to this, he based Temperance Character on a friend with Asperger’s Syndrome. It was however alluded to and never really addressed. Definitely Something I felt they could have done differently.

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Bones was different too in that the show rips stories from real life Forensic Anthropologist and Best Selling Author Kathy Reichs in fact Temperance Brennan is actually based on her as well.

Temperance Brennan was very much socially awkward as I stated, she was blunt often and said things without thinking of the affect it had on others, but she was not cold, though it may seem that way at first, she simply says what’s on her mind without the foresight to think about how her words might affect others. It could be easy for us to think that she wants to hurt others or that she doesn’t want to feel the way others feel. Her awkwardness leaves her at odds at times with her best friend Angela and it leaves her with a often rocky relationship with her Partner and love interest Sealy Booth. Whereas Temperance often seems cold, Sealy is more open with his feelings, impressive for a former Navy Seal.

Temperance Brennan of course has moments when you see that she truly does care, she’s not as cold as others seem, but we see too that often others use that perceived coldness against…



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