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With Fast Closing Eyes Fading Into Eternity

Thanks to Benny Rotlevy @bennyrotlevy for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁 https://unsplash.com/photos/-sm0_NiJo_4

Some say It didn’t happen

But old eyes

Tell another story

The eyes fast closing

Go back to A time of evil

And atrocity.

They wear the memories

Numbers tattooed forever

On aging skin

Branded like animals

Back then.

The young and the old

Those that survived

Always will remember

That place, that time.

Innocent lives


God’s chosen one’s

Murdered by the millions

But not only them

Anyone who didn’t

Fit a twisted ideal

Of a man who

Was really

More of a monster.

They lived through

Hell walking out

Bone thin

Starving skeletons

Humanity at it worst

And it’s best.

Some say it

Didn’t happen

But eyes fast

Closing Into eternity

Tell a different story?

Will we let the lies stand

Or will we let

Their stories Live on?

© Michelle R Kidwell

April.15.2018 revised April.16.2018

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