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You've Got to Trust God for Your Socks

From My Earlier Journals

In my early walk as a Christian I prayed hard for a complete healing, I wanted to believe that my hips would come into place, that my other health issues would all fall away, but the truth is we are not all healed, the Lord does not want us all to suffer, but sometimes in our suffering it is when we draw closer to him.

My friend Melissa spent her life praying for a healing, and for awhile it seemed she got the healing then her Kidneys failed and she was on dialysis, she had already lost her leg, and had a pancreas transplant, but just a few months ago she went home to be with the Lord, she received her healing, but she did not receive it until the Lord called her home.

Joni Eacerson Tada used to go to healing crusades, such as Katherine Cushmans crusdades, convinced that she was going to shed her wheelchair, and walk out of one of the meetings, but she did not, for awhile she turned bitter, and then she created Joni and Friends.

Renee Bondi is another woman who did not receive a healing, her injury is similar to Joni’s, but she was twenty nine when she became a Quadrapalegic and yet she refused to give up, she still sings for the glory of the Lord.

Then theres Jenifer Rothschild who was born with a degenerative eye disease, at fifteen she became blind, but instead of turning to anger she turned to God, and she ended up writing Lessons I Learned in the Dark.

Billy Graham probably the greatest evangelist of our time has not been healed of Parkinson and his wife Ruth Belle Graham never recovered from her stroke, in fact she went home to be with the Lord, but they are both strong examples of being used even when they do not experience healings.

I am not saying healings do not happen today, I have seen miracles happen, babies that were not supposed to make it grow and thrive, children who were not supposed to be able to be conceived, conceived. Miracles happen daily, but we are not always healed, and in my opinion it is not always a lack of faith though that can certainly be a factor in not being healed, but it is often true that we are made strong in our weakness.

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